Intentional Thanksgiving

This is blog 7 of 7 on Thanksgiving. I hope you haven’t missed any of these — they really have been outstanding! I saved Becca’s to post today (the day after Thanksgiving) because after you read it, I think you’ll agree, today is the perfect day to post it!

Enjoy her post, and be sure to visit the other posts about Thanksgiving from the other bloggers. I hope you enjoyed this 7 day, 7 blog, 7 blogger Thanksgiving blog-hop, we may just have to do this again!

Today is the day where we all remember to be thankful. As we sit around a turkey feast, grabbing a third piece of pie, and sharing what and who we are grateful for, our hearts are filled.

Remembering the good, the blessings, the love steadies the mind and reassures the heart that all will be okay — God has provided and will continue to provide.


Then we wake from our turkey induced slumber to November 28th and the weight of holiday stress crashes down on us. All thought of blessing and thanks are drowned out by Black Friday madness harmonizing with Christmas to-do lists.

So how can we remove the Christmas season stress? I think the key lies in Thanksgiving Day!

We spend Thanksgiving intentionally remembering the blessings in our lives. What if we did that throughout the holiday season? What if we let our thankfulness for what we already have guide…

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