Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. I’ve been blessed with an awesome mom, who taught me to love the Lord and to use my gifts to serve Him. My children have an amazing mom, who runs a business, feeds a family, shares her heart, takes care of her needy husband and I’m pretty sure wears a cape and rescues kittens from tree tops.


My kids also have a lot of other Moms. Moms who sometimes have their own children, and sometimes not. Moms who have loved on them when they were at their best and at their worst. Moms who had children and grandchildren who still loved my kids as their own. Moms who were single, moms who were young, moms who were less young and moms who sacrificed much to invest in them.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there. You know who are…


* The Mom who is mother of a child that she didn’t bring into the world

* The Mom whose heart has been broken by the loss of a child

* The Mom who rises early each day to take care of her family

* The Mom who stays up late making sure the family is ready for the next day

* The Mom who takes care of her mom

* The Mom who fights for the future of her children

* The Mom who adopted a child from a motherless future

* The Mom who prays for the spirit of her children

* The Mom who comforts a scared child

* The Mom who is single and strong

* The Mom who is mom to the children in her classroom

* The Mom who works outside the home

* The Mom whose work is the home

* The Mom who makes her children’s clothes

* The Mom who shops the bargains early and often

* The Mom who lavishes richly on her family

* The Mom who stays up all night with a sick child

* The Mom who keeps her family healthy

* The Mom who takes time for herself

* The Mom who still has time for dad

* The Mom who is willing to say “No”

* The Mom who is eager to say “Yes”

* The Mom who is 16

* The Mom who is 106

* The Mom who has endured snakes, bugs and baseball

* The Mom who has dressed princesses, barn animals and historical figures


Here’s a great video, reminding us all why we love our moms!



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