Getter’ done!

My wife and I love dreaming big dreams about our future, and about what God is doing in our lives and in our family. Not only do we like to think about our work and our goals for projects etc… we like to dream about vacations, events we want to be a part of and special trips we hope to take.

One of the realities we have observed is this: If we don’t put those things on the calendar, they rarely come to be.

A couple of months ago, Traci and I had the privilege of teaching our couples’ small group at church. It’s a class of 12-15 couples that we enjoy being with every Wednesday night. Back in November, we were given the chance to teach two of our weekly classes.

During those two sessions, we talked a lot about goals and dreams, and about this idea of getting them on the calendar. Well just a few days ago I was talking with my pastor and he told me, “Kori and I bought our books.” I asked what books he was referring to, and he talked about the books that would prepare them for their dream vacation 2-3 years out. They’ve put it on the calendar and now they can start preparing to enjoy it, and watching to see what God will do in the weeks and months to come as they steer towards this special trip.


But this idea of putting a date on the calendar isn’t just good for vacations and dream trips, it’s good for goals and plans etc… For example, after coming back from a conference in California, I knew it was time for me to tackle a challenge, both physical and mental. It would be easy to put this activity — running a 1/2 marathon with my wife — on the “to-do” list that would never quite finish. Mind you, me not running a 1/2 marathon is a to-do list item I wouldn’t mind leaving unfinished!

However, since I know this run means more to me than just completing a physical challenge (it is symbolic of theme God has put in my life) I had to put a date on it. My first half marathon is on the calendar for October 5th; Traci and I will be running together (along with a couple of other friends who will be running both the 1/2 and the full marathon). The date brings a certain urgency and expectation to the commitment.

What do you have on your dream list, goal list or to-do list that needs to get put on a calendar? Want to multiply the success rate of that particular event? Then don’t just put it on calendar, but announce it others, too. The extra accountability creates even more potential for you to experience success.

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water!

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