3 thoughts to start your week off right!

For most of us, the week starts on Monday. Many wake up Monday dreading the days that lie before them, while others wake up with anticipation for good things. Some start the week and just wonder how it’s going to go, knowing that, like-it-or-not, the new week is here.

What about starting the week with on the right foot? What about jumping up tomorrow and getting into your day with a fundamental view toward seeing great things happen — toward living the Overboard Life? Let me give you three hints to getting your week off to that kind of start:

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  1. Change the morning mindset: A few years ago I realized I was walking around telling myself how I tired I was, all the time. Sometimes I think I really was tired, but other times I think I was just so much in the habit of self-talk, that I convinced myself I was tired. I remember one day as I was walking to my office thinking, “Man, I’m tired” when I decided to stand up to myself. “Am I really tired?” Myself was stunned that I would be so brash, but myself did some thinking. Then I said to me, “You know what, I don’t think I really am tired. I slept 8 hours, had a great breakfast, a good work out and actually, I think I’m feeling pretty good.” That was a turning point for me. The simple change of mindset literally put a different outlook on my day. What thinking patterns are putting your Mondays off to a bad start? Are you waking up Monday anticipating the worst, feeling horrible and dreading the week simply because you’ve already decided that the worst will happen? Wake up tomorrow intentionally choosing your thoughts.
  2. Put God’s Word in your routine: I know my weeks don’t go well when I start them without God’s Word present. It’s amazing what a little time each day can do to shape the outcome of day, week, month, year…or life. Now don’t get me wrong, the Bible (or God!) isn’t some Genie in a Bottle that if you read it right, your life will be great! However, it’s frequent that I start with a simple passage (like Psalm 103) and find a powerful truth that helps shape my thinking for the rest of the day (like verse 14 where God promises to remove my sins as far as the east is from the west!). Maybe you’re not used to reading your Bible — that’s ok, just start small. Read a chapter a day in the book of John. Start with a couple of Psalms. Open to Proverbs and just read the words of the world’s wisest man. Even 5 minutes a day can be a difference maker.
  3. Make it your goal to encourage others: Imagine waking up tomorrow and thinking, “What can I do today to encourage/help/bless/thank [insert name of person here]?”. When we start with a focus on others, it actually shifts our attitudes towards giving, rather than taking and consuming. Consumers tend to be complainers. Traci and I marvel at how often we see some one receiving a gift or blessing, yet hear them complaining about how it was the wrong gift, how much more they need, how bad their lives are etc… etc… People who primarily consume are people who primarily complain. If you go to work or school to consume (time, money, other people’s time/energy) you will find yourself lacking, and most likely complaining, upset, cranky, frustrated and eager for Friday to get here.

How will your week go? Truly only God knows, but there are some choices you can make to get in the right mindset. What will you choose?

Go ahead and the the plunge…life is always better on the water! (Even on Monday!)

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1 Response to 3 thoughts to start your week off right!

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks, Joe. I love Psalm 103. You are so right…we can make a choice to praise Him, then will come thankfulness and more love for Him and for others. It starts with the mindset or self-talk we choose. Sure enjoy your blog!

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