Take 3

Have you ever thought of the benefits of knowing God? I know, seems almost disrespectful to say there are “benefits” to being a child of God, like it’s wrong that we should get anything out of it. After all, we sinned, we broke the rules, Jesus had to die for us…why should we gain anything else out of that deal?

We shouldn’t, but that’s part of what makes God’s love so amazing.

As you get going into your day today, take these three simple thoughts with you, all from Psalm 103:

David writes, “Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all his benefits:

[God] forgives all your sins (103:3): (spiritual healing)

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 10.38.58 AMDo I need to say anything else to this? Nothing you have done, or will do, could ever put you in a position to be unforgiven by God. He forgives murderers, rapists, drunks, crack heads, angry fathers, abusive mothers, rebellious children, road ragers, thieves, liars, adulterers and sex addicts. He forgives the humble and the arrogant, He forgives the heart breaker and vengeful. Anyone who calls out for forgiveness, will be forgiven by God. It is an awesome benefit of being one of His children.

[God] heals all of your diseases (103:3): (physical healing)

Not only is God able to meet all of our spiritual needs, He is able to meet all of our physical needs as well. In the Western world, we are so blessed by accessible medicine and medical advancements, but often we forget that the Great Healer needs neither. I’m all for medical breakthroughs and the appropriate use of medicine in the treatment of disease and physical illness. But even more, I’m grateful for a God who is able to heal completely. He doesn’t do partial healings. While He may choose to allow an illness to continue — for reasons greater than I could ever fathom — He isn’t limited any way, by any sickness. Even when I seek medical attention, I still call out to Him for divine intervention because it is a great benefit of knowing God!

[God] redeems my life from the pit (103:4): (emotional healing)

God meets my spiritual needs. God can meet my physical needs. But the benefit of knowing God goes another step — He can redeem me from the emotional mess I often find myself in. God can lift the spirits of the depressed, mend the wound of a broken heart, bring peace where there is anxiety, strengthen faith where there is fear and He can rescue the lost wanderer. God loves His children and loves to reach into the mire of our heartache in order to bring healing and restoration.

Do you need to be forgiven today? Is your body in need of the Great Healer? Are you living in the pit right now, desperate for a way out? Go to the Lord today, and trust that He is able to come to your aid. Trust that He has not abandoned you, nor will He ever. Be encouraged, if you are a child of God, there are great benefits to knowing Him, you just have to step out in faith and trust His provision for your life.

Go ahead and take that plunge, life is always better on the water!

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