101 times you’re read this blog…

Monday passed by a little unceremoniously, but that blog was number 100 for Overboard Ministries. THANK YOU for reading and supporting this blog, and this ministry. Your encouragement, thoughtful comments and humorous little insights have kept me writing and have helped others try to live the Overboard Life.

Looking back over the past 100 posts, here are the top 10, based on the number of readers and the number of comments. Click on your favorite ones, or read one you may have missed. Thanks for helping keep this blog going!

Big Changes: After we made the painful decision to leave our friends and family at Bethany, I wrote this blog explaining why we were moving.

Political prediction: This was our #2 post for views and #1 for comments. Probably because I nailed it perfectly!

How many body parts can you donate: Thoughts from my wife’s incredibly selfless act of donating a kidney.

A little perspective please: Lessons learned from a 3-week stint without internet (gasp!)

I believed Lance: Thoughts after Lance Armstrong revealed his drug use. 2nd most commented blog on our site.

Lessons from the road: Reflections on our road trip from Oregon to Michigan.

Newtown on my heart: Makes me sad reading this again, thinking of the tragedy that rocked our nation in Newton Conn.

Overboard Blogtionary: Yes…the Overboard Blogtionary makes the top 10 most viewed. Not sure if that’s a poor reflection on you or me =)

An open letter: This is the blog we posted after we left Salem and arrived here in Michigan.

100 days without fast-food: Apparently y’all like to read about my sufferings!

Thank you for being so gracious with your support, and so faithful with your reading. I pray that as we grow (by the way…we’re working on some fun stuff for the near future!), we will continue to walk together in living life Overboard! Trusting God to help make the next 100 better than the last.

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water.

p.s. Ok, here’s a freebie. This has always been one of my favorite posts, despite the fact it didn’t get read much. I’m good with that =)

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