Do the unthinkable

A few weeks ago I came across a great blog about faith and the arts. I really want to encourage you to check out Joey O’Conner’s blog. I highly recommend you sign up for his email list and receive a free copy of his book, “The Longing”. It’s outstanding and I think you’ll find Joey’s writing is very compelling, entertaining and super personable.

Here’s the link to Joey’s blog:

As I started scanning his blog page, I realized that he was the director of one of my favorite mini-movies, ever. He did the biographical piece on Scott Rigsby. I mentioned Scott in my first book, and in fact, referenced Joey’s movie. Scott was an 18 year old Georgia kid, fresh out of high school, working in the summer while he was getting ready for college in the fall. A freak accident involving a trailer and a semi put Scott in the hospital, made him endure countless medical procedures and surgeries, and over several years, eventually cost him both of his legs.

A former high school football player and athlete, Scott’s life took a nose dive. He battled depression, fear, anger and bitterness as he dealt with his new life. However, in the depths of his struggle, Scott came to terms with his faith in God and Scott’s life took on a whole new story. You could not spend a better few minutes today, than the few it will take you to watch this story:

Scott Rigsby

Scott is truly living the Overboard Life. How about you? Will you do the unthinkable for God?

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water!

Scott Rigsby

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