Why you need deadlines

On January 4th, Traci and I began another 100 Day Challenge. Each day has an inspiring or compelling video, with powerful thoughts on moving forward. Here’s the zinger quote of the day for today’s video: “You will always work best under a self-determined or externally fixed deadline.”

Thinking about urgency and the need to get things done, today’s video was about deadlines. Deadlines can be one of the dirty “D-words” in my life, but Gary Ryan Blair gave three good reason why deadlines are an essential part of success:

1. Deadlines represent commitment. When you commit to a deadline (whether it’s one you chose or one that was placed upon you by some other external force) you are committing yourself to completing a task or project.

2. Deadlines also enforce accountability. For example, when I launched this 100-day challenge, I told all my fb friends and my blogging community that my 100-day clock was ticking; y’all know that I have until April 14th to complete this challenge. There is an inherent pressure that comes with this deadline. Along with those who might casually follow and want to see the outcome vicariously, there are also people who are intimately involved in the process and asking questions and reading the blog each day. These people are asking specific question, questions that can only be answered if I stay on task. Definitely another layer of accountability.

3. Deadlines help to create urgency. As a college and seminary student, nothing propelled a mid-week all-nighter more than the looming deadline of a mid-term, a 10-page paper or some other class project. Deadlines create urgency. Of course, don’t confuse urgency with frantic energy — the two don’t have to be the same thing!

I know how much I need show my commitment, be externally accountable and work with urgency. Deadlines are huge for me. In fact, there are few professional or personal failures (excluding sin, of course) harder to live with, than missing a deadline.

Do deadlines motivate you?

Living the Overboard Life sometimes means working under time pressures, deadlines and fixed schedules. When those pressures become toughest, it often seems that’s when we realize God is working most. Not easy, but always worth it.

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water.

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