My 2013 goals

As Traci and I get going on our 100 Day Challenge to kick off 2013, my goals have finally taken shape. Here’s an overview of what I’m working on, especially in the next 100 days. I would love your thoughts, ideas that have worked for you, or even to hear your goals for this year, too. So leave your thoughts in the comments.


Here are my goals, broken down into three categories (writing, health, spiritual). Under each goal are a couple of tangible ways the goal will be measured, followed by a few practical steps.


  1. I will make lifestyle changes that will produce more energy, release more weight, and be more balanced. 
    • I will have better energy, with fewer afternoon lulls
    • I will begin releasing weight
      • Drink 60+oz of water each day
      • Take my vitamins twice a day
      • No fast food for the 100 Day Challenge
      • Exercise 4 times a week (even when traveling)
      • Intentional down time (no phones/gadgets, rest, reading etc…) each week
  2. I will write my next book, Project Peter, by March 15th.
    • I will have an outline completed by January 20th
    • I will have a book to hand to my editor by March 15th
      • Spend 7 hours a week, writing
      • Limit late night Netflix viewing, increase writing time!
      • Pray each time, before I write
  3. I will complete the 4:8 Principle, 40 day devotional.
    • I will have a journal with 40 days of entries
    • I will write a devotional thought based on each day
      • Develop an early morning routine
      • Start with my book and Bible, not my phone and email
      • Coordinate morning schedule with Traci


Ok, there you have it. What are your thoughts? I’m open to your insights as I work through these projects in the first 100 days of 2013. What are you working on? What advice do you have for me? Let’s get this year started off with a bang!


Happy New Year, and remember — go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water!

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5 Responses to My 2013 goals

  1. kendra says:

    Sounds great Joe! Im excited to see you acheive those and I know you will!

  2. Josh Dunn says:

    It all starts with getting off on the right foot, or knee, in the moring! So hard not to pick up the electronics first thing. Early risers in the scriptures included but not limited to: Abraham (Genesis 19:27; Jacob (Genesis 28:18); Moses (Exodus 24:4; 34:4); David (Psalm 119:147); Hezekiah (II Chronicles 29:20); the Lord Jesus (Mark 1:35) Meeting God in the morning causes the fragrance of His presence to go with you throughout the entire day! Will be praying for you brother as you pursure your goals in 2013! Also very excited to hear of your new ministry opportunity.

    • joeacast says:

      Thanks Josh, and what a great word! Those mornings are killer (the youth pastor in me loves the late nights much more than the early mornings!), but always worth it. Appreciate the prayers and encouragement.

  3. Colleen LeRoy says:

    Love this post! Hayden and I are both working on some goal setting and I always have a hard time finding a format that doesn’t overwhelm me. I like how you’ve done this and I will be writing my goals out TONIGHT! Thanks for some inspiration!

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