3 Goal Setting Principles

On Friday, I plan to release my 2013 goals. In light of that, I wanted to offer you three thoughts about goal achieving from the life of Nehemiah.


Nehemiah was a Jew, displaced from his home in Israel, living with the king in the capital of Susa. He was the king’s servant (cupbearer), but he longed to be home in Jerusalem. While serving in Susa, Nehemiah’s brother and some friends show up for a visit and to deliver bad news. Jerusalem is a mess, its walls are gone and the gates have been burned to the ground.


Nehemiah’s heart breaks at the news.


From that point on, Nehemiah goes to work. He gathered supplies. He surveyed the project. He rounded up workers. He fought opposition. He rebuilt the wall. He accomplished his goal.


Here are three take aways from Nehemiah’s project:


  1. Motivation: Before you set a goal, be sure you establish the why behind the goal. Why do you want to generate more income? Why do you want to develop that particular habit? Why do you want to improve your marriage? Why do you want to pursue that job? Your motivation behind your goal will have a significant impact on your ability to achieve it. You don’t have to go very far to realize Nehemiah’s motivation: To please God, and to create a great testimony of God’s power and His ability to keep His promises. What are you being motivated by?
  2. Prayer: Most of chapter one is a prayer request. As you read Nehemiah’s story, you find he prayed repeatedly for God’s help. If you want to see your dreams and goals come to completion, make sure you bathe them in prayer.
  3. Work: I think a lot of people of faith make the mistake of believing that once they’ve prayed, the work is done. Certainly prayer is often neglected, but don’t forget to work! In God’s great plans, He has chose to work with us and through us, not just wave the magic wand and accomplish what He wants. He could, but He chooses not to. Not only did Nehemiah pray, and pray often, but he worked hard.


(If you want to read more about Nehemiah’s life, pick up Project Nehemiah from our bookstore)


So what is the motivation behind your 2013 goals? Are you praying about them? Are you willing to work hard for them? Don’t let 2013 pass with more unmet, unfinished goals in your life. Instead, follow the pattern of Nehemiah and chase your dreams.


Go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water!


p.s. My wife and I are starting 2013 with the 100 Day Challenge program. Until January 14, we are still taking on teammates who want to chase their goals and dreams. Through us, you can save $50 off the program, bringing the cost to under $100! Click HERE for more information and for access to three videos that will inspire you to start 2013 fast, so you can finish strong.

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One Response to 3 Goal Setting Principles

  1. kendra barkes says:

    Great reminders on goal setting as I am working to make my goals. Thanks!

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